Kaleidoscope is a consignment store and boutique that carries a variety of goodies, such as unique sodas, women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, household decor, local goods like jams, honeys, and soaps, and so much more! We here at the store are determined to revolutionise the consignment industry by offering things no one else does. To name only a few, we offer a FREE consignor account, we never set an expiration date on the money you’ve earned, we offer all consignors a free website to check items, and we offer the ability to cash out at any time and NOT only on selected days. We do it differently, come and see for yourself! 


Christine, Owner:

Christine stumbled upon Kaleidoscope on accident a few months after moving to the Pacific, Missouri, area. She had a garage sale, and a customer told her “you should really take anything that doesn’t sell to Kaleidoscope!” She went from having no idea what consignment was, to fully immersing herself into the world. The moment she stepped in the store, she was in love!

Around her third visit, she was devastated to hear the store was going to close. She had just discovered this gem in downtown Pacific! Christine’s last day in the store shopping, she turned to her grandmother and jokingly said, “I should just buy it!”

While Christine was more so just wishful thinking at the time, an employee overheard and told the previous owner. She reached out to Christine, and the rest is history!

In 2017, Kaleidoscope Consignment was sold to its new (and very excited) owner, Christine Slusser.

Christine has a background in broadcast journalism. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and appeared on the local TV station, KOMU, for several years. She has also worked at the Missouri state Capitol doing radio pieces. For nearly 10 years, Christine worked in the news world at Newsy. She was a partner manager and traveled often to New York and California for meetings with the leading news companies.

Christine also has a background in business — she owns her own photography business, Kansas City Photography.

If there’s one thing these three things have in common, it’s that they all involve working closely with people … and Christine loves people!


She has merged the consignment world with her photography background and offered several special events throughout the year — including pictures with Santa & the Easter Bunny! The next major accomplishment on her list? Farmer’s Markets in downtown Pacific! 

Flynn, Owner:

Julie Flynn, who goes by Flynn, fell in love with Kaleidoscope at first sight. She moved to the Pacific area at the same time as Christine, in 2016. Talk about fate! Flynn became a staff member in 2019, Sales Manager in 2020, Business Manager in 2021, and then after seeing the numbers and knowing the store was heading for great things, became co-owner with Christine in 2021! 

Flynn also has the entrepreneurial spirit, making amazing scrubs for the store (Glow), and also baking treats for all of our furry friends. Did you know Kaleidoscope is pet friendly? We are! We’ve had puppies, kittens, and even GOATS walk through our doors to visit! 

But let’s get back to the woman, the myth, the legend … Flynn! She is both a retired horse trainer and retired chef. Although, she never stopped cookin’ up great ideas! Flynn is a knitter, readers, cacti gardener, and baker. She’s also extremely accident prone. If you see her in some sort of cast, she probably fell while climbing around. Another nickname we have for her at the store is “monkey.”


Flynn also enjoys spending time with her husband, dressage, and is an avid dog and horse lover. The best thing about Christine and Flynn’s partnership … they get along so well! They actually do, but this picture was too funny not to share. 


In even more exciting news, in May 2022, Flynn and Christine closed on the building Kaleidoscope is in! It can remain a pinnacle of downtown Pacific, well, hopefully forever! 

Danyelle, Business Manager:

Danyelle is Kaleidoscope’s Business Manager. She helps Christine and Flynn crunch the numbers and points out trends on what’s selling best in the store. As of right now, it’s Peach Ramune! Other than gathering store numbers, Danyelle also is in charge of Merchandising. She is the sole force behind our huge clothing presence. She hangs every, single piece of clothing you see in the store! 


Danyelle thinks she’s “boring,” but she is anything but! Danyelle has a passion for wolves, and is a member of the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary. She also enjoys going to the gym. She and Christine currently train together at Vero Fitness in town! Danyelle’s favorite thing about Kaleidoscope? “My favorite thing about kaleidoscope is we are all family.”


Kelly, Online Sale Manager:

Kelly started off as a Kaleidoscope merchandiser, helping price totes and keep intake flowing smoothly. She then moved up to an intake specialist, working with customers and taking in consignment. She then found her true home on eBay!


When Kelly isn’t slaying the store’s online presence in places like eBay and Poshmark, you can find her being a kick ass mom to her two beautiful children. She also graduated the Police Academy and became a local LEO! We are so incredibly proud of the hard work she has put in to better her life for herself and her children. She is an inspiration!



Austin, Systems Engineer:

Austin’s responsibility at Kaleidoscope is to manage anything and everything technology-related. This includes the store’s security system, computers, consignment software, and as Christine says … “anything that plugs in.” Poor Austin!

Austin also makes sure customer’s data is safe and secure and makes sure the store remains within PCI compliance. That is just fancy speak that he makes sure everything on our network is secure and customers data is never at risk.

In his spare time, Austin loves hanging around with his kitty Sabrina, keeping in the know about any and all new tech coming out, and … working. He works … a LOT, and not just at Kaleidoscope!

Tiffany, Social Media Manager:

Tiffany, who is still a stellar sales queen, has now accepted a position as the store’s Social Media Manager. While all employees make daily posts, Tiffany is taking it a step farther and building the store’s TikTok, Reels, and Instagram! We realize the importance of an online presence, and Christine & Flynn knew they couldn’t handle the task alone. Thank you, Tiffany!

She always has the greatest hair, too! We’ve seen her with blue, pink, and purple … but Christine has been rooting for a green! When not working, Tiffany is doting on her children (her newest edition, Henry, is a DOLL), and hanging out with her husband (or Kelly, who often steals her away).

Tiffany is a force to be reckoned with, and we are so grateful to have her on the team! Below is a Henry shot, because we couldn’t help featuring this cuddle bug, too!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our owners and managers! We look forward to meeting you in the store.