Our Mascot!

The Kaleidoscope mascot is a colorful midwestern chameleon named Ope (pronounced OH-p). He started off as any other rambunctious chameleon, but one day he wandered onto our logo. Since chameleon’s change color based on what they’re touching, he became an amazing rainbow chameleon! He loved his look so much, he decided to make it permanent. So now, he always hangs around on or near our logo!

Ope’s name is a fun play on the popular Midwestern phrase. Many times, we bump into someone and go “ope!” Or, drop something, “ope!” Or, make any sort of accident, “ope!” It’s a proclamation of mild surprise. We imagine Ope said the same thing when he wandered onto our logo and turned into a wildly colorful chameleon.

In love with our mascot as much as we are? Don’t worry, he has merch! We have Ope stuffed animals, air fresheners, stickers, wine glasses, and more on the way! Ope hopes to see you in-store soon!