Consign With Us!

Thank you so much for considering consigning with Kaleidoscope Consignment! We would love to work with you and help you make some extra cash.

But first — let’s make sure we’re a good fit for you!

Below you’ll find our Consignor’s Contract. You’ll receive a typed version to sign when you come into the store. We will still read it over with you when you come in. We want to make sure everyone understands and is on the same page.

To see our list of items we do not take, please click here!

The biggest thing to note: Items will be in the store for 28 days, unless it’s a holiday item. Items that do not sell will be given to charity (with the exception of items priced over $100, or a designer item like a Kate Spade purse, for example). This means you will not be able to come back and pick up your items after they have been dropped off, unless it is priced at over $100, or a designer item. 

Any items left and not picked up will be donated to our charities every Tuesday. We simply do not have the space to store left items. 

If we erroneously took a clothing item that has a stain, tear, or blemish — the item will automatically be donated. If it is a name brand item, we will call the consignor to pick up. Otherwise, the item will be donated.  

The account holder must be present to consign new items. You are not allowed to bring in other consigner’s items to consign. You are allowed to add an additional person onto your account. We will NOT allow anyone but those listed to use the account or cash out. This is for your safety!

Our Charities: We work with several charities, including (but not limited to): local school clothing and backpack programs, no-kill animal shelters, and local church programs. We only donate to charities that give the items away for FREE.

The second biggest thing to note: Our intake specialists will check all items brought in to Kaleidoscope Consignment. We will only accept clean items. Any items deemed to be a “no, thank you” will be handed back to you before you leave. “No, thank you” items could consist of those out of style, out of season, faded, torn, dirty, broken, covered in pet hair, lower end brands, or items which have an odor. This one is mainly for our smokers. If you smoke, that is 100% fine with us, but please don’t do so on the way to the store with your items in the car, as it usually makes the items smell like the smoke.

Please do not bring items in trash bags. This is for our safety. We have reached into bags and found … undesirable things. We need to be able to SEE what’s inside, so we usually recommend a plastic tote or cardboard box. Any items that require batteries or light bulbs must have working batteries or light bulbs in them.

While staff is looking through your items, please go into the shop and look around! Please don’t stand there and stare at us and make us nervous! 🙂

Intake is not a debate. Please be kind! We all want this store, and your consignor account, to be a success!

Consignment Split: Everything will be split 40% to you, 60% to Kaleidoscope.

Store Balance: You can log on to our system and see which of your items have sold — completely free!

If you come into the store to check your store balance, you must show ID. We cannot give consignor balance over the phone. This is also for your safety.

You may come collect money any time, once a day, in the form of store credit, cash, or check. We only pay out up to $40 in cash because we keep a limited amount in the drawer. You are welcome to collect any amount over $40 with a check. We will only pay out up to $500 a week. If your balance is over $500, you can come in once a week and collect up to $500 from your account. We are not a bank, and do not want to be treated like one. This is why we set the limit. 

You may use your store credit as many times a day as you’d like. If you use your earnings as store credit, you’ll also earn an extra 10% discount on your purchase (excluding on Dollar Day, where there is no additional discount). 

Incidentals: Kaleidoscope Consignment will not be held responsible for any items in case of theft, missing tags, natural disaster, breakage, etc. 

Your items will be subjected to periodic sales, coupons, and discounts. We use many forms of advertising, especially Facebook. We might also list items on eBay. If this is done, you will receive 40% of what the item sold for, minus the shipping cost and eBay fees. Your payout for eBay will be 7 days after the item has been delivered to their home (this is due to their return policy). Kaleidoscope Consignment has the sole right to feature your merchandise in any/all forms of advertising and online sales websites.

Our consignors are also our best customers. Here are some shopping rules. Everything is sold in “as-is” condition. All sales on holiday, sale items, and furniture are final. All other items may be returned in 2 days or less, no exceptions.